The periodic musical staff (PMS) project by Andrei-Lucian Dragoi (Drăgoi)

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1. Introduction

Figure. This is a tri-modular periodical musical staff (PMS) containing

bilinear modules BM4 (or simply “M4”), BM5 (/M5) and BM6(/M6)

(named/indexed as such because they contain the notes C4, C5 and C6 respectively)


For and audio demo of PMS (edited in MuseScore), see this URL!

(a Youtube audio-video version of this demo is available at this URL!)

The main preprints dedicated to PMS can be accessed here:

(preprint) A collection of musical scores for any solo musical instrument (piano, flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, cello, guitar etc) based on a periodic musical staff (PMS)

(preprint) LeadMuse - a new experimental music notation software (under construction) based on a new simple and practical numerical musical notation system (NMNS) and a modular periodic bilinear (musical) staff (MPBS), also proposing a universal G-clef unified notation for all orchestral instruments

Final note. The new generation of music pupils would NOT have to learn more than one clef and the visual patterns of only 7 note-positions on the musical staff to learn any instrument they like and to can easily read music written for any instrument (by using their own instrument): one language for all instruments must be a dream (and a target) for all teachers and students (and for all musical systems of teaching) and this dream will surely bring young people more close to music than any other musical notation update/upgrade.


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